Valeria Scrilatti studied visual arts and photography and has been represented by Contrasto agency since 2016. Her interest focuses particularly on two main themes: informal space and the relationship between nature and Western culture.

Early works have investigated zoological institutions putting animals on display inside artificial copies of their habitats and the transformation underway in the former suburbs east of Rome. Afterwards, she realized reportages in Tunisia about racial discrimination and minorities who have been excluded from the democratic process; in Georgia on the cultural revolution carried out by the youth of the first post-Soviet generation. She traveled to report on maternal mortality in sub-Saharan Africa, thanks to the Innovation in Development Reporting Grant Programme, and female mutilation in Liberia, practiced as an initiation into a secret society of women, known as Sande. Since 2020, she has been investigating the lesser-known aspect related to biodiversity loss in Italy.

Her images have been featured in Italian and international magazines including The New York Times, Courrier International, Internazionale, The Wall Street JournalEl País, Die Zeit, Der Spiegel, Il Reportage, Vice Magazine, D La Repubblica, IO Donna.

She currently lives in Rome, Italy.