Small owners, profiteers, unknown inhabitants: a series of short-sighted actors, without a global view on the city, left alone by the lack of a real public governance, who have -between the twenties and seventies of the twentieth century- step by step built a piece of Rome, which has today assumed peculiar traits, raising at the same time fascination and rejection. Is it a piece of the old town -where some of its inhabitants were born- which has moved to the outskirt or is it an outskirt – a piece of Italian peasantry – absorbed inside the urban area?⁣ Actually it is the portion of a ring that cross-cuts the main streets of the city, today neither centre nor periphery. This territory has acquired – somewhat suddenly and by chance- a brand new identity in the eyes of inhabitants, of immigrants, of travellers.
“Est”, started in 2014 and still ongoing, relates this territory of the middle, the territory of “another” Rome, agglomeration almost inadvertent of areas originally separated such as Quadraro, Pigneto, Torpignattara and Casal Bertone. After decades, it connects pieces of a mosaic stratified in a century, according to a strange effect of overall balance.
Over the years, this work has turned, crossing the boundaries of the territorial investigation, into a diary of my personal view of the city.

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