A Georgian Season

"Parpashi" is an old Georgian word used since ever into context of amusement activities. Nowadays its meaning is turned toward a slang term about the idea of hanging out with a full sense of freedom, recalling to mind a simultaneous undertone of euphoria. One of the most striking aspects of Georgia is how the former soviet country, rich in traditions and history, is finally coming back to light from the darkness of most recent backlashes of civil war, Russian invasion and economic collapse, by projecting itself, despite internal contradictions, towards a change nourished by the enthusiasm of entering into a new vivid season. In Tbilisi, crossroad of the Caucasus and historical melting-pot of different cultures, a core of young people, belonging to the first post- soviet generation, is leading a fervent cultural revolution which widely involves musical, artistic and social scene. The capital is becoming a new magnetic pole for counter cultures after London, Berlin and Copenhagen, drawing the interest of international communities which are shifting their attention from Western European capitals to the East.

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